FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I select the time for my tour?
When you book your tour, you will be asked to select the time you prefer. Actual tour time may be adjusted in your final confirmation.
Where do we go to begin our tour?
Individual tours have different meeting points. Please check your confirmation for specific instructions on where to meet. Costa Maya Tours has an office called V@MOS! in the center of the village of Mahahual also for your convenience. map
How far is the village of Mahahual from the port?
Mahahual, the actual village of Costa Maya, is only 5 minutes from the cruise ship port. Many people arriving by cruise ship mistakenly view the port facility as the ‘village’. Even if you do not have a tour booked with us, feel free to stop by our office in the village for information, to use the Internet or telephone or rent a bicycle.
How do we get to the village of Mahahual?
Simply take a taxi or any transportation available at the port. The cost to get there with a local taxi is only $2 USD per person. map
Do we get picked up at the port?
Pickup at the port can be arranged in some cases, however because the port controls transportation in and out, special pickup adds considerably to the price of the tour. The transportation provided by the port usually works well enough, but please pay close attention to your specific confirmation instructions. If there is a long wait for the port transportation, you may also walk to the local taxi station located 2 blocks outside of the port entrance.
When do we pay the remainder of the tour?
You will pay the balance of your tour when you arrive. For your protection, we only charge a small percentage of your tour up front, and the remainder when you arrive.
How can I pay the balance? Cash, Traveler’s Checks or Credit Card?
Costa Maya is a newly developing destination and has no banks. Credit Cards are difficult here and will cost you at least 10% more due to bank and currency exchange charges. Traveler's checks are generally not accepted throughout Costa Maya and many parts of Mexico. You save money and time by paying the balance of your tour in cash.
Are reservations required?
Space and availability are limited on many tours. Tours do sell out and prices will change. Making your reservations now insures your space when you arrive and also guarantees the price. Reserving in advance saves you valuable vacation time as well.
Is a refund given if the weather doesn’t allow for water sports?
If we have to cancel any tour due to weather, you will receive a fulll refund.
What if our ship does not stop at Costa Maya?
We have a NO PORT NO PAY policy. Occasionally ships cannot stop at a port due to weather or ocean conditions. If that happens here, your refund will be automatic, usually the same day. If your ship is diverted to another port where we offer the same services, we can transfer your reservation there and send you new instructions.
How can I be sure I will get back to my ship on time?
We have NEVER had a client miss their ship, and this is a record we protect with direct contact with the cruise lines (they don't want you to miss the ship either), good communication with our guides and drivers, backup transportation and more. Cruise lines use this reasoning often to promote sales of their own tours, but for us, after years operating and thousands of happy clients, you need not worry.
What is your cancellation policy?
Most tours simply require that you let us know at least 24 hours in advance at info@costa-maya-tours.com to receive a full refund. Refund and Cancellation Policies
Got a question we didn't answer?
Email it to us at info@Costa-Maya-Tours.com
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